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Located In the High Plains of Texas, also known as the Texas Panhandle. Life Tabernacle of Amarillo

is a Bible Believing, Full Gospel, Message Assembly. Our goal is to be an oasis to all who come and to spread the Message of this Hour. We believe you must be born again and filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The only way to a new birth is through Jesus Christ.


We believe time is running out quickly. Our vision is to let Christ be known to all we come in contact with. We must let the world know how God has spoken through the Prophet of Malachi 4, and now the Bride of Christ must make herself ready. Lord Bring the Bride in and help us declare the salvation you have given.


The metro of Amarillo Texas has around 300,000 people. Our area boasts the second largest Canyon called the Palo Duro Canyon just south of Amarillo. I-40, I-27 and 287 all come together here. We also have an International airport for all wanting to fly in. 

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